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Word-of-the-Year: Serenity

  S e r e n i t y … For over a decade, we have selected a word which has historically captured a vision for our future. A word,

Starting Your LinkedIn Profile – Start Connecting and Sharing

Get LinkedIn – Get Connected and Share Your Knowledge Establishing any brand and online presence is critical for all businesses, organizations and individuals. The longer one takes to join or

The Culture of Winning

A wise, articulate, businessman and my son once helped me understand the “Culture of Winning”. I now believe the “Culture of Winning” is a desired outcome that once proclaimed with

Generation of Zap – Next!

#Throwback Article from 2012 I recently heard a documentary on the benefits of students (especially ADHD Kids) sitting on exercise balls (vs chairs) in high school classrooms… Evidently, students respond

We’re Independent… Not Small

Over the course of my life and career, I feel blessed to have met countless amazing people and have exchanged numerous concepts on the history of ideas, our creative processes,

Delivering of Promises. What’s Your Brand?

A brand promise is like a commitment you make to your friends, spouse, customers, community, religion, country, competitors, industry and kin. However, the validation of your brand promise is the

Ansoff Market Grid – Business Development Opportunities

The Ansoff Market Grid is a model that has proven to be very useful in business unit strategy process to determine business growth opportunities. The Market Grid has two dimensions:

If your Brand was an Animal…

One of the most enjoyable and stimulating stages in our brand marketing and creative worlds is the three to four hour brainstorm with our client’s team, which kicks off the

B2B – Why Create a Social Media Plan?

Here’s a blueprint for the social media plan for your firm. Learn more with ISI: To utilize social media as a “new channel” for the case studies and stories of

Online Marketing Strategies – Introduction

As 21st century marketers, we are in a continuous search for more cost-effective and results-orientated strategies to maximize our time while leveraging technology to attain the highest ROI. In the