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Here’s a blueprint for the social media plan for your firm. Learn more with ISI:

  • To utilize social media as a “new channel” for the case studies and stories of your firm
  • To define the online brand presence of your firm, and to response to posts and comments
  • To prevent the competition and media from fully defining your firm’s brand
  • To remain proactive with clients, the media, and the communities in which your team lives and works
  • To help the target audience (clients, employees, recruits, community, media, etc.) understand the unique and distinctive qualities your firm and its people
  • To share the knowledge-base of your firm and showcase their expertise
  • To introduce a “social approach” to corporate communications content and promote corporate citizenship (corporate soul)
  • To prompt a more inclusive, transparent and engaging brand experience of your firm
  • To initiate a plan to minimize the risk and maximize positive feedback while increasing awareness of your firms products and services
  • To integrate the your Team and build a program for business development and HR branding
  • To understand the competition’s domination of social media and note your firm’s weakness

What is the Process?

  1. Build a Communications Framework
    •Brainstorm content with your team
    •Source relevance and popularity based on target audiences
  2. Develop Strategic Plan and make Recommendations
    •W5 – Who, What, Where, When and Why
    •Identify and research your competition
  3. Conduct Risk Analysis and Engage with Opinion Polls and Discussions
    •Monitor internet discussion boards
    •Send online polls
  4. Design and Build
    •Brand design social media interfaces
    •Create and program social media content landing pages / microsites
  5. Measurable-Results from
    •Daily, weekly, monthly maintenance with continuous improvement

Becoming a Maven and Thought-Leader

  • Generate Activity (source news pegs) around your firm’s case studies, your core products and services areas
  • Find Links on News Pegs:
    5.Related Story based on points 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Enlist Team Member(s)…

Be an Advocate for Your Firm and Share the Conversation!

Quick Tips:

  • Think of the stories which will define your and your firm’s legacy.

  • Share the stories which your team would pitch at your next meeting. (Business Development, Employee-Recruiting, Media Interview).

  • Consider the stories which will set your team apart from the competition.

  • Then… Look for related stories (News Pegs)


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