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“AGC – Axis Group of Companies’ brand marketing strategies (online and traditional) implemented in the past two years has exceeded 1,850% return on investment…”

Joana Barbulescu RCDD, President, AGC

Our Results – Driven Process:
At ISI, our brand marketing process begins with a brainstorming to assess key elements of a company’s overall presence in various target markets.
Our think-tank session explores and reveals the company’s true self; its strengths, areas of improvement, and growth opportunities. The exercise is a journey of discovery, as the team becomes more “On Message” and “Knowledgeable” with your firm’s short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

ISIbranding ensures the involvement of management teams at each phase of the comprehensive brand marketing and communication design planning. ISI facilitates and ensures coherency amongst various committees and individuals by continuously weaving the core brand messages throughout the entire brand program. ISIbranding specializes in using interpersonal education-based techniques that create a common vision for your organization by delivering an enthusiastic “buy-in” from key team members. This brand marketing approach is founded upon clear, consistent strategies regarding the short-term and long-term goals of the client

“I extend my full recommendation of Garrett and ISI Branding as an agency that understands our strategic vision, leverages our technologies and provides us an exception return on investment…”

Amar Doman, President, Futura Corp.

Our Design – Visual Communications
Brand design determines the outcome of the customer’s experience with the products or services. This phase in the brand marketing process is responsible for the creation of both the visual and written execution that was developed in the brand-messaging phase.

Brand design encompasses all ideas needing to be communicated to stakeholders, and creates a unified experience to be applied across all brand marketing materials and media. The brand design determines the client’s initial experience of a company by connecting the right image, text, and personality to convey optimal information about your company. With each exposure to your brand, stakeholders pick up on the brand’s benefits and features, building recognition and credibility, creating the unique value of your brand with regards to service, price and quality.

“My business relationship with ISI commenced in the late 90’s. During that time, ISI became and continues to be, an integral component in my multiple business ventures. My companies have directly experienced the tremendous value of brand marketing…”

Baljit Gill, President, Northcrest Group

Brand Messages to Digital Mediums.
With the vast number of multi-media channels in today’s rapid paced new economy, it is imperative that the brand message your company is communicating to your target audience is relevant, engaging, and above all, consistent with your company brand promise.

“Consistency” is the key to managing, nurturing and maintaining a positive brand experience. Capturing the “top-of-mind” position of your target audience and having your brand recognized in all media, is a communications strategy we have delivered proudly for three decades.

“…I knew ISI had extensive experience with several school districts within BC and had a reputation for delivering dynamic marketing materials. In essence, Focused Determination with Infinite Possibilities summarized our rebranding process with ISI…”

Barry Bunyan, Director, Langley - ISP

Connect, Engage, Grow.
All businesses enjoy associating with a “Winner” and sharing their success with like-minded firms, groups, media and communities. The objective of Social PR is to ensure the “right stories” are presented to the “right people” at the “right time”. We consult and brainstorm case studies, industry trends, community stories and environmental news for release. ISIbranding will research, write, distribute,  monitor,  and engage Social PR to local, national and global online media and social networks.

We share our client’s knowledge and success stories with a goal to elevate their business development opportunities and brand recognition. Today, optimizing and engaging a Social Media Strategy is critical to all business, groups, associations and communities. Content generation can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly bases. Stories may include: projects, industry-trends, HR, inspiration, awards, etc.

“Thank you ISI for always being creative with all the work that was done to help rebrand Snowcrest. Garrett and his team were able to successfully meet our needs with positive energy and creativity. Your ability to hone in on and capture the key elements is commendable…”

Ray Biln, President, Snowcrest Foods

A Good Fit.
With a wise and experienced generation gradually easing into retirement and a young, assertive and knowledgeable generation entering the workforce, mentorship and training are the key-drivers to rebuilding teams to the next level. At ISIbranding, we work extensively with internal teams of all generations. On hourly, monthly and yearly contracts, our three decades of award-winning expertise has generated millions for our clientele.

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