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Wirikuta Garden, Mexico
Wirikuta Garden, Mexico

As 21st century marketers, we are in a continuous search for more cost-effective and results-orientated strategies to maximize our time while leveraging technology to attain the highest ROI.

In the first of a series of articles, ISI will demonstrate proven web marketing strategies for your organization. As brand marketing consultants, we provide team-building and marketing programs to activate your brand throughout the internet both locally and globally.

After completing a strategic marketing plan (your company’s IQ); your firm will need to solidify its brand experience (your company’s EQ) and brand roadmap throughout all brand distribution channels (online and offline).

There are five key steps to your touchpoint plan:

1. Content Strategy
2. Engagement Strategy
3. Brand Distribution Channel
4. Measurable-Results and ROI
5. Retention and Replenishment Strategy

Start with Step One… Your Content Strategy – Coming soon…


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