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Our Five Core Steps

Brand Marketing Process

Our Results–Driven Process: At ISIbranding, our brand marketing process begins with a brainstorm to assess key elements of a company’s overall presence in various target markets. Our think-tank session explores and reveals the company’s true self; its strengths, areas of improvement, and growth opportunities. The exercise is a journey of discovery, as the team becomes more “On Message” and “Knowledgeable” with your firm’s short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

Our Brand Process Five Core Steps:
1. Strategic Brand Marketing Plan
2. Brand Roadmap
3. Brand Messages
4. Brand Design
5. Brand Distribution Channels

Content Strategy & Design

Our Messages & Work Research shows that a relevant and popular content strategy based on the client’s competitive advantages, will greatly influence the outcome of the target market’s buying experience. This phase in the brand development process is responsible for the design of both the visual and written content that was developed in the creative direction phase. Brand design and content strategy incorporates all ideas that need to be communicated to the target audience and creates a unified experience to be used across all brand marketing mediums (i.e., internet/web/online and traditional marketing strategies, mobile and social media, advertising, web branding, video casting, package design, POP retail environments, corporate communications etc).

Distribution Channels

Our Media Selection & Delivery ISIbranding specializes in developing comprehensive and unified brand marketing campaigns which will set your company apart from the competition. Constructed carefully for target-specific channels (media), branding will create a memorable experience which will strengthen the perception of your firm’s service, price and quality. ISIbranding communicates with your target audience through industry-specific research, defining your objectives, and delivering an effective strategy focused on measurable-results and preplanned ROI. Taking into account the goals and objectives, timeline and investment, ISIbranding will select a combination of distribution channels to deliver your new brand marketing strategies.

Brand Marketing Process

ISI Branding Navigates Five Core Steps

5. Brand Distribution

  • Guerrilla PR + Press Releases
  • New Media + Video Branding
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Networking: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Print Branding and Advertising

4. Brand Design

  • Art Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Communications
  • Photography + Illustrations
  • Target Market Segmentation

3. Brand Message

  • Creative Direction
  • Key Drivers / Pillars of Success
  • Content Strategy
  • Key Messages to Select Mediums
  • Mission + Vision Statements

2. Brand Roadmap

  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Promise
  • Core Values
  • Primary Brand Message
  • Brand Personality

1. Strategic Brand Marketing Plan

  • Goals + Objectives
  • Product / Service Lifecycle
  • Competition Analysis
  • Measurable Results