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Get LinkedIn – Get Connected and Share Your Knowledge

Establishing any brand and online presence is critical for all businesses, organizations and individuals.

The longer one takes to join or start, that act of neglect can leave more time and opportunities for competitors, the media and other individuals to establish your presence without you.

Have you opened your own LinkedIn Profile yet?
Here is our checklist for you to get started:

Gather your Recent and Past professional information

In order to be as comprehensive as possible when filling out your profile, please have these details on-hand. Your LinkedIn profile is your online CV (history) and resume (summary).

  • Your Headshot photo
    •One that either represents how you present yourself professional or one that represents your Job Title
  • Your Bio (i.e., Summary)
    •A brief introduction of who you are and of your specialties
  • Your Current / Past Education
    •Any awards, honors, clubs, etc.?
  • Your Current Job Title
  • Your Past Positions with past companies
    •Years of employment
    •Summary or overview listing of past responsibilities
  • Other Details
    •Your Publications
    •Groups and Associations
    •Your professional contact information (Email, Phone, Work Address)

Initial Sign up

  • Sign up for an account. Confirm your Email and fill out your Profile
  • Linkedin automatically generates prompts for information, starting with Country, Postal Code, Employment Status, Job title, and Industry
  • Skip the next step. Linkedin will then request your email address to import contacts
  • Confirm your email address
  • Skip the steps for adding contacts and social network updates
  • Choose “Basic” as your Plan level
  • You will then be prompted to add details to enhance your profile
  • Add details to save or skip

After filling out as your profile as best you can, go to Add Connections via email or find people in the search bar with whom you are able to connect

Ongoing Next steps

  • Set a goal of 100 LinkedIn connections in the first month. After the first month, set a target of a 30% increase in contacts/connections
  • Regarding the first 100 connections, quality is critical over quantity
  • Ask for recommendations

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