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AxisTech Services have built a company culture based on our three core values: Ownership, collective Intelligence and Drive. Their brand experience (Relationship-based. Technology-driven) is communicated simultaneously to our clients and in ternally to employees and their families.


> Strategic Brand Marketing Plan
> Brand Roadmap
> Primary Brand Message
> Content Strategy
> Online Marketing Strategies
> Email Marketing
> Fleet Graphics
> Website Branding and Development
> Search Engine Marketing Strategies
> Social Media Integrationg

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Ranked as the 5th fastest growing company in BC, AxisTech Services Inc. selected ISI as their brand marketing agency in late 2009. Established in 2005, AxisTech has extensive expertise in providing integrated communications systems. With AxisTech’ goal to position itself as a BC industry leader in fibre optics with the latest technology and equipment, ISIbranding’s role was to develop AxisTech as the leading industry expert to existing and potential customers. The objective was to establish more creditability and value-add products and services. 


“…We have completed various brand-marketing projects with exceptional results…We highly recommend Garrett and the team at ISI as a results-driven agency focused on taking companies to the next level of business development…” 

Joana Barbulescu, President


Phase one included revitalizing the website, branding the AxisTech fleet, broadcasting email marketing into AxisTech’ brand distribution channels, and implementing SEO strategies for ongoing business development. 

ISIbranding’s plan for AxisTech was to create a brand experience and brand roadmap, which differentiated AxisTech from its competitors as a “Relationship-based, Technology-driven” organization.

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